T4F is the leading live entertainment company in South America, winner of the Top International Independent Promoter award according to Billboard Touring Awards in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 and also winner of the Caboré Award 2012, the biggest award of the advertising and media industries in Brazil. In 2016, T4F was nominated to the main category of the Billboard Touring Awards as Top Promoter of 2016, competing with Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Live.

Nowadays, T4F is the only publicly listed entertainment company in Brazil. In addition, T4F believes it is the only diversified and vertically-integrated South American live entertainment company. T4F promotes a wide range of artistic, cultural and sports content, drawing upon relationships with agents and content providers in Brazil and around the world, as well as internally developed content, such as Campeonato Brasileiro de Marcas and Stock Car.

T4F currently operates five of the most important entertainment venues in South America, of which two (UnimedHall - SP e KM de Vantagens Hall - RJ) are ranked among the top 60 venues worldwide in terms of number of tickets sold in 2018, according to Pollstar.

Through a vertically-integrated business model, in addition to event promotion, T4F operates at all levels of live entertainment value chain, including venue operation; ticketing; food, beverage and merchandise sales; and corporate sponsorships. As a result, T4F generates income from a variety of activities related to the operations.

T4F has accumulated significant experience in the live entertainment industry since 1983, promoting over 2.000 events in major Brazilian, Argentine, Chilean and Peruvian cities in the last 3 years. In terms of net revenue, Brazil, our main market, represented 63%, 71% and 70% in 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively.

The leading position in the Brazilian and South American live entertainment industry has earned T4F the trust of some of the largest international providers of high-quality content. This has afforded T4F privileged access to the world’s best content for artistic and cultural events, which enhances the relationship with corporate sponsors and generates public interest. As a result, T4F is able to secure long-term corporate sponsorship agreements and obtain more favorable conditions for spectacles and national and international artists.

T4F‘s venues are also sponsored by a naming rights model and, with the exception of Teatro Opera Allianz in Buenos Aires, all the venues are leased from third parties.

Last Update on October 18, 2019

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