10/16/2018 HTML 3Q18 Earnings Release Calendar
08/08/2018 HTML 2Q18 Earnings Release
07/17/2018 HTML 2Q18 Earnings Release Calendar
05/09/2018 HTML 1Q18 Earnings Release
04/17/2018 HTML 1Q18 Earnings Release Calendar
03/07/2018 HTML 4Q17 and 2017 Earnings Release
02/09/2018 HTML 4Q17 Earnings Release Calendar
11/08/2017 HTML 3Q17 Earnings Release
11/07/2017 HTML 3Q17 Earnings Release Calendar
08/09/2017 HTML 2Q17 Earnings Release
07/27/2017 HTML 2Q17 Earnings Release Calendar
05/10/2017 HTML 1Q17 Earnings Release
05/08/2017 HTML Material Fact - T4F Approves Share Buyback Program
04/18/2017 HTML 1Q17 Earnings Release Calendar
03/08/2017 HTML 4Q16 Earnings Release
03/08/2017 HTML 4Q16 Earnings Release Calendar
11/09/2016 HTML 3Q16 Earnings Release
10/18/2016 HTML 3Q16 Earnings Release Calendar
08/10/2016 HTML 2Q16 Earnings Release
07/19/2016 HTML 2Q16 Earnings Release Calendar
05/11/2016 HTML T4F discloses its 1Q16 Earnings Release
04/19/2016 HTML 1Q16 Earnings Release Calendar
03/09/2016 HTML T4F discloses its 4Q15 Earnings Release
02/16/2016 HTML 4Q15 Results Release Calendar
11/09/2015 HTML T4F discloses its 3Q15 Earnings Release
10/19/2015 HTML 3Q15 Results Release Calendar
09/28/2015 HTML T4F announces the incorporation of Bizarro’s operations, the largest promoter of Latin artists in Chile
08/10/2015 HTML T4F discloses its 2Q15 Earnings Release
08/06/2015 HTML Material Fact - Material fact and act disclosure policy
07/24/2015 HTML 2Q15 Results Release Calendar
06/25/2015 HTML Material Fact - End of the Share Buyback Program And Cancellation Of Treasury Shares
06/22/2015 HTML Notice to the Market – Time for Fun and Insomniac announce EDC Brazil
05/11/2015 HTML T4F discloses its 1Q15 Earnings Release
04/22/2015 HTML 1Q15 Results Release Calendar
04/20/2015 HTML Notice to the Market - Reduction of Relevant Shareholding Position
04/20/2015 HTML Notice to the Market - Acquisition of Relevant Shareholding Position
04/08/2015 HTML Notice to the Market - Acquisition of Relevant Shareholding Position
04/08/2015 HTML Notice to the Market - Reduction of Relevant Shareholding Position
03/11/2015 HTML Material Fact - Second Issuance of Company‘s Debentures
03/02/2015 HTML T4F discloses its 4Q14 Earnings Release
02/09/2015 HTML 4Q14 Results Release Calendar
11/06/2014 HTML T4F discloses its 3Q14 Earnings Release
11/04/2014 HTML Material Fact - Share Buyback Program Extension
10/15/2014 HTML 3Q14 Results Release Calendar
08/07/2014 HTML T4F discloses its 2Q14 Earnings Release
07/17/2014 HTML Notice to the Market - T4F concludes negotiations on new naming rights contract
07/17/2014 HTML 2Q14 Results Release Calendar
06/30/2014 HTML Notice to the Market - Change of the Investor Relations Department Address
06/02/2014 HTML Notice to the Market - TIME FOR FUN announces new Finance and Investor Relations Director
05/08/2014 HTML T4F discloses its 1Q14 Earnings Release
04/17/2014 HTML 1Q14 Results Release Calendar
02/24/2014 HTML T4F discloses its 4Q13 Earnings Release
02/07/2014 HTML 4Q13 Results Release Calendar
11/08/2013 HTML Share Buyback Program
11/07/2013 HTML T4F discloses its 3Q13 Earnings Release
10/04/2013 HTML Time For Fun announces the operation of another Theater in Sao Paulo
10/04/2013 HTML Change of the Investor Relations Department Address
09/11/2013 HTML Postponement of Bon Jovi’s concerts in Argentina and Chile
08/08/2013 HTML T4F discloses its 2Q13 Earnings Release
08/05/2013 HTML LOLLAPALOOZA and TIME FOR FUN announce partnership to promote the next 5 editions of the festival in Brazil
05/09/2013 HTML T4F discloses its 1Q13 Earnings Release
04/17/2013 HTML Board of Directors Election
02/22/2013 HTML Notice to the Market - Relevant Shareholding Position
02/21/2013 HTML 4Q12 and 2012 Earnings Results
11/08/2012 HTML T4F discloses 3Q12 Earnings Release
10/01/2012 HTML T4F announces new naming rights contract
08/08/2012 HTML T4F discloses 2Q12 Earnings Results
08/06/2012 HTML T4F brings Lady Gaga to South America for the first time
07/10/2012 HTML TIME FOR FUN renews lease of Citibank Hall Rio until 2018
07/06/2012 HTML Notice to Shareholders - Payment of Dividends
07/02/2012 HTML T4F acquires the venue Chevrolet Hall in Belo Horizonte
06/19/2012 HTML Entertainment and Media in Latin America shall grow 60% by 2016, according to PwC study
05/10/2012 HTML T4F discloses 1Q12 Earnings Release
04/13/2012 HTML "The Lion King" is the Broadway‘s all-time highest box office grosser (NY Daily News)
04/12/2012 HTML Call Notice to Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting
03/21/2012 HTML T4F signs a new agreement with Cirque du Soleil
03/08/2012 HTML T4F partners up with Disney for Broadway musicals
02/27/2012 HTML Expansion of consumer base in Brazil (Financial Times newspaper)
02/13/2012 HTML T4F discloses 4Q11 Earnings Release
02/07/2012 HTML T4F announces its 4Q11 Earnings Release Schedule
01/16/2012 HTML 2012 Kicks off with High Quality Events
11/07/2011 HTML T4F discloses its 3Q11 Earnings Release
10/27/2011 HTML T4F opens ticket sales for Roger Waters’ The Wall tour in Brazil
08/11/2011 HTML 2Q11 Earnings Release
07/13/2011 HTML T4F brings Pearl Jam to South America in 2011
07/07/2011 HTML T4F kicks off sales of the Broadway musical hit "The Witches of Eastwick" in Brazil
07/06/2011 HTML Brazil ranks among the top destinations for international events (IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine)
07/04/2011 HTML T4F will promote Roger Waters and the acclaimed The Wall in March 2012
06/28/2011 HTML Brazil and China will lead growth in entertainment and media (Valor newspaper)
06/27/2011 HTML Notice to the Market - T4F appoints Market Maker
06/22/2011 HTML Notice to the Market - Copa Petrobras de Marcas
05/31/2011 HTML Notice to the Market
05/12/2011 HTML 1Q11 Earnings Release
05/12/2011 HTML Notice of Closing of Public Distribution of Common Shares
05/04/2011 HTML 1Q11 Earnings Release Schedule
04/26/2011 HTML Notice to the Market - Acquisition of Material Shareholding Interest
04/18/2011 HTML Notice to the Market - Acquisition of Material Shareholding Interest
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