Strategy and Competitive Advantages

Guarantee the Best of National and International Content. Continuously expand and update the content according to market trends and the cultural demand of consumers, always seeking to present the best of national and international shows.

Leverage Growth Through Geographic Expansion.   T4F operates in major Brazilian cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre), as well as in Buenos Aires and Córdoba (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile). The Company intends to strengthen its operations in these cities and expand its events to other cities. T4F believes that there is strong unmet demand for live entertainment in large cities in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

The Company also intends to expand its activities to other countries, especially in South America, which present markets with great potential for demand growth. T4F believes that expanding its activities into new markets will leverage its growth, maximize its profit margins, and further increase cash generation. In this sense, T4F intends to consolidate its position as a leader in the live entertainment market in South America.

Strengthen product portfolio through the creation of proprietary brands.  Due to the experience gained in promoting events, T4F has the ability and interest to create proprietary brands of events.  Brands provide greater perception of value by customers and retain their community.  The creation of the brands allows T4F to verticalize one more instance inherent to certain content, such as festivals and experiences.

Up to now, T4F owns 3 festivals and intends to expand its portfolio of brands.

Increase Operational Efficiency with Scale Gains in Show Promotion. As the largest entertainment company in South America, in number of tickets sold, T4F strengthens its trading capacity, reducing its production costs through scale gains. The company also intends to provide its sponsors with a regional marketing strategy, attracting sponsors who want to expose their brand and products in the various locations where the company performs its shows.

Expand ticketing and other ancillary revenues segments. T4F currently operates ticketing of third-party events from different business segments. The Company’s strategy includes the regional expansion of its operating activity at third-party ticketing to major Brazilian cities, including exclusive rights in ticketing operation. In addition, the Company intends to expand its activities through acquisitions of companies in the sector operating in Brazil and South America.

Consolidate your leadership in the sector through selective acquisitions. The Company intends to expand the content of its artistic and cultural shows through acquisitions of companies operating in the sector that have expertise in specific content, present synergies with our activities and high growth potential.