Shareholding Composition

Currently, the social capital of T4F, after the closing of primary and secondary public distribution of common shares is R$ 243,022,170.40, fully subscribed and paid up, represented by 67,412,629 common shares, nominative and with no-par value.

The table below sets forth certain information of the number of shares held by shareholders owning 5% or more of the common shares of the Company:

Acionista Número de Ações % do Capital Social
Fernando Luiz Alterio 24.153.210 35,8
F.A. Comércio e Participações S.A. 5.850.982 8,7
CIE Internacional S.A. de C.V 3.869.933 5,7
Loyall Investimentos LTDA. 6.108.466 9,1
Outros 27.430.038 40,7
Total 67.412.629 100,00



Controlling Group